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Sample briefs and orders

Aggressive advocacy, in and out of the courtroom

At Scott Trial Lawyers, we reject the dichotomy between “trial lawyers” and “research and writing attorneys.” The firm prides itself on excellence in both arenas. The links below represent actual briefs filed in the Courts of Appeal and trial courts – as well as some of the favorable opinions and orders that have resulted.

Sixth-Amendment Violation in Prosecution for Alleged Conspiracy to Murder Judge

Complaint Against United States for Wrongful Detention at Border and Illegal Invasive Search

Motion to Dismiss Criminal Complaint: First Amendment and Collateral Estoppel

Complaint versus Buckeye Police Department on Behalf of Autistic Boy

Money-laundering indictment should be dismissed under Penal Code § 995

Search Warrant for Google Email Account Lacked Probable Cause

Internet Service Providers’ Warrantless Searches of Customer Content Unconstitutional, Constitutes Government Action Under Fourth Amendment.

Government’s Theory of Honest-Services Fraud Unconstitutional After Skilling v. United States

Complaint for Civil Rights Violation: Unlawful Tasing of Unarmed Citizen